All About the Light

September 30, 2013  •  2 Comments

Light's subtleties can make for drastic changes to a landscape.  Typically, a landscape photographer waits for the intense warm light of a sunrise or sunset to create a dramatically rich image.  There are times, though, when the soft light 15 minutes or so before sunrise can be magical all its own.  Whatever light you enjoy most, I think one can appreciate how light transforms the scene in its various phases.  Below is a series of shots taken at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado two weeks ago when, in a rare occasion, a pond had formed on the eastern side of the park making for a great reflection of Kindergarten Rock.  Notice the color shifts...

Which do you prefer?  Next time you're up taking photos at sunrise, take note of the way the light changes as the sun nears the horizon.  You may find more photographic opportunities.


Meredith Childs
I like the one on the upper left the best.
Doc Ivy(non-registered)
great post. I like the one on the lower right the best.
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