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Created 21-Jun-13
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Water, especially rivers, has for a long time grabbed my attention and the peace its calmness brings is soothing. When I can, I try to capture water with long exposures because I feel it is then that you can really see the movement of the water and appreciate its beauty.
Ethereal Blue HourSpring Runoff on Whitmore FallsGraffiti FallsSource of LifeEons of CuttingBrushy Creek FallSustainingCypress SoakFrozen SeepVein of the EarthPeaceful SolitudeTown Lake ReflectionP3250954_modwhambam3516x9Brushy CreekStanding FirmWater Droplet PortraitHenson CreekInks Lake SunsetSummer CruisingUnaware at Rush Hour

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